The Top 25 Hosting Companies

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Ever wanted to know who are The Top 25 Hosting Companies?

Well a site you should check out if you are ever looking to hire paid blog writers has compiled the top 25 hosting companies, collectect 5600 votes from bloggers trying to find out who are the best hosting company in the world.

As many will remember we saw go down last month taking millions of sites offline, I have been very fortunate that since I have been with for about 3 years now and havent had any major issues, It is great to see them getting voted number 1 by bloggers but not just bloggers use their services there are many domainers that use hosting companies to host their mini sites and fully developed websites too.

Below is the graphic taken from poll for the top 25 hosting companies in the world.

The facts from the Voting Poll Graphic.

5600 bloggers took part and 43% of then are using WordPress as there hosting provider, 35% are using, 16% Tumblr / Typepad / Posterous and 6% are using other.

The Top 5 Hosting Companies.

Number 1 –

Number 2 –

Number 3 –

Number 4 –

Number 5 – is Number 18 of the 25 Hosting companies.

Who is your favourite hosting company?

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