There are just too many garbage domain names – why?

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Today: How to Price Domains / Push notifications on domains / Sold for $48,200; for $11,750 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today:

WTB – 6N Chips – Be sure to check your portfolio for some six number chip domains. This buyer is ready to invest.

.uk extension? – What’s the deal with this ccTLD?

Please appraise my collection of 8 stockphotos.(ccTLD) domains – – What would you value these niche domains at? Sold for $48,200; for $11,750… – Some recent sales reports to help keep you motivated.

How to Price Domains – Is there a special formula to pricing domains?

Push notifications on domains – Has anyone used this feature for their domains? Care to share your experiences?

There are just too many garbage domain names – why? – Anyone else seeing the trend of bad domain names dropping? It’s at a high of 99% trash in the drop lists these days.

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