Thomson Reuters Completes Acquisition of MarkMonitor

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Thomson Reuters Completes the Acquisition of MarkMonitor, MarkMonitor, are the current market leader in online brand protection technology.

Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in five countries, MarkMonitor safeguards more than half of the Fortune 100 brands.

MarkMonitor looks after many top clients from around the world and I would assume are a very profitable business, This is a smart move by Thomson Reuters with new GTLDs launching shortly lots of companies across the Forbes 500 and around the globe are going to be needing brand protection to ensure their domains arent squatted on in legitimate cases as we know not large companies understand what a generic domain is and who has the right to own it hopefully MarkMonitor can educate them.

You can read more detail on the sale of MarkMonitor on the official press release by Thomson Reuters

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