Three Domain Names Saved in WIPO Cases

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We have just seen that three separate domain names have been saved, all in single panel WIPO cases this week, The domain names and cases are below, It’s good seeing more cases being denied from a domain name investors perspective.

We often get called cybersquatters because we refuse to sell our digital real estate too cheap… I 100% understand when domain names are transferred for the correct reasons, where an obvious TM breach has occurred or someone is using a typo domain name for a phishing scam etc but too many domain names get lost to illegitimate WIPO cases IMO.

What do you think? Are domain name investors given a bad hand when it comes to WIPO cases?

Domain Name Case 1 – Access Spa

WIPO Case Number D2020-1156
Domain name(s)
Complainant Philip Savino
Respondent Peter Tsz-Man Chan, Cykon Technology Limited
Panelist Rothnie, Warwick A.
Decision Date 26-06-2020
Decision Complaint denied

Domain Name Case 2 – Nami Investment

WIPO Case Number D2020-1097
Domain name(s)
Complainant AEW SA
Respondent Whois Data Protection Sp. z o.o., Whois Data Protection Sp. z o.o. / Royal Europa Sp. z o.o.
Panelist Blackmer, W. Scott
Decision Date 23-06-2020
Decision Complaint denied

Domain Name Case 3 – Leak Testing Academy

WIPO Case Number D2020-1000
Domain name(s)
Complainant Ateq
Respondent Super Privacy Service LTD c/o Dynadot / Cyan Yo
Panelist Swinson, John
Decision Date 23-06-2020
Decision Complaint denied

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