Time is flying so fast – A short list of short names that I sold

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How is everyone’s Tuesday then? I was scrolling through NamePros.com and came across this interesting post by a valued member of the Name Pros community Johnn.

Johnn has been a member since 2003, 17 years and counting and I hope many more for him too. It was nice to see him share some of the historic domain names he has once owned and sold, as always most domainers wanted to know the prices and some suggested he wished he didn’t sell so cheap back in the past with many LLL domain names that Johnn owned, however from my eyes back in 2003 would you have really known what the price of an LLL domain name would sell for in 2021?

I have always said it the value of the domain name is in the eye of the beholder, now while you might think your domain name is worth four, five, six, or even seven figures it doesn’t mean you will ever get that value for it, sometimes it makes sense to be happy with the offer and sale depending on the circumstances in your life at that time.

So what do you think of the names that Johnn has once owned check out the full thread here.


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