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Type In Traffic – What Does it mean?

An interesting article today in the Statesman by Omar L. Gallaga which was titled

Typing in an Internet ‘domain name’ is easy, but what does it mean?

The article is below and it covers off type in traffic, Many people still don’t understand what type in traffic is also know as Direct Navigation – It basically means instead of you going to google, yahoo, AOL, baidu or another search browser, You the actual user directly navigate, you type in the address you are looking for i.e. google.com, RobbiesBlog.com, or common words like money.com, insurance.com, apples.com, Florida.com… This happens every day by millions of users world wide.

We shall cover off in more detail examples of how lucrative type in traffic can be to end users or private investors also known as domainers but read what Omar asks below and let us know your thoughts… How do you navigate on the Internet?

“This week, we’re going to talk about domain names, the system that allows us to type in easy-to-remember text (such as “facebook.com”) instead of a string of numbers on the Web. A few years ago, some tech pundits predicted domain names would stop mattering as we relied more on search engines to find what we need, but here we are, still typing many of them in manually in our desktop and mobile Web browsers.

Domain names are made up of a top-level domain (.com or .org, for instance), a second-level domain (the “microsoft” in “microsoft.com,”) and, sometimes, a host name like “www” at the beginning. A domain name like “iphone.apple.com,” for instance, will take you a page on Apple’s website devoted to the iPhone.

Website operators register these names with companies called Web registrars, which help build upon a massive database called the Domain Name System, or DNS, that keeps track and translates all these names and their numerical equivalents. An organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is tasked with keeping the naming system in order and deciding what policies to put in place as the Web continues to grow and evolve.”

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