University Of Queensland Forgot To Renew Its Domain Name

The University Of Queensland Forgot To Renew Its Domain Name, The domain name expired and according to this post was dropped from the @ 3:30pm before being registered again 5:30pm.

I don’t however believe it was actually dropped, It most likely went into a redemption period where it sat for 2 hours before being renewed.

It does amaze how a university where some of the brightest people in Australia attend can allow its own domain name to expire, Would you have thought the IT Dept in a university would renew a domain like this for 5 – 10 years at time.

The website has an alexa ranking of 22,208 – meaning thousands of visitors from around the world that visit everyday couldn’t access the site. The university as of 2011 had 45,000 Students leaving them unable to access information online.

You can read more about it here.


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