bought by for $56K

Whois XML Api bought by for $56K sold last month on for 56,000 USD and is one of the highest reported .ORG sale of 2013 according to, The other higher .ORG domain sale was which sold for $75,000 in March also by then you have in Second place followed by for $26,900 in Third Place and for $24,999 in fourth place. is owned by World Media Group who own some of the best generic dot com domain names in world,  is owned by Perimeter Internetworking Corp and redirects to Silver Sky a cloud based platform.

Gas Pedal who purchased also operate strong .ORG domain names including and, The company is based in Austin Texas and here is what they do “We run word of mouth and social media communities, conferences, and consulting focused on helping smart marketers earn the respect and recommendation of their customers. We’re about one big idea: Companies that make customers happy are more successful.”

It shall be interesting to see what Gas Pedal do with and I wish them the best of luck in building out this excellent domain name, They owns over 100+ other domain names around the “WOM” word of mouth term. – Is under whois privacy and currently redirect to parking lander pages with surveys.  – Is owned by Vale SA who own and the site is developed. – Is owned by PrivateName Services Inc and is currently parked.

What would you have paid for

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