Verisign’s Shares looking good for the future

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Verisign the operator to the .com and .net tlds (top-level domains) as well as the backend registry provider for over 13 tld extensions such as .jobs, .edu and .gov to name a few. These aren’t the only services operated by Verisign the company also website protection services through the sales of their other products SSL Certificates with their brand Symantic.

Verisign has recently renewed its agreement with ICANN the non-profit company Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to handle the .com and .net registrations for a further six years this shall guarantee Verisign an opportunity to earn a lot more revenue for the coming 72 months, The renewed agreement allows for a 7% increase in the wholesale price of .com and .net domains – This is the price that companies like GoDaddy,,,,, and hundreds of other registrars pay for the domain names. has the largest market shares with over 50% of domains registered worldwide are through their company which was until recently owned by one man Bob Parsons.

At present there are over 141 million TLD’s registered so this mean there are large number of .com and .net being renewed every year and with the internet only growing Verisign revnue and profits should only increase.

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