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Vietnam Domainers or as the article calls them speculators. An interesting post that has made it into newspapers in Vietnam the business of domaining buying domains to resell at a future date.

The article isn’t 100% accurate as what they are describing that most people do are buy domains that are products or similar to famous brands and then sell them onto these companies to make a profit.

The business of domaining isn’t about cybersquatting domains like this it is all about have the foresight to the next big thing and purchasing the killer domain name in that category be it owning a one word generic dot com domain through to an actual domain that might have meaning in the future like twitter – It didn’t start out with it was twittr but years before someone had the foresight to register and keep that domain for the future.

It is an interesting article and covers a few marketplaces that are becoming active in Vietnam,,, and

Read more of the article here.

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