What Domain Would You Buy for $1 million dollars?

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What Domain Would You Buy for $1 million dollars?

Mike Berkens posted a great article on MobileApps.com – Titled “MobileApps.com For $1 Million+ I Don’t Get It”

I totally agree with him, I don’t think MobileApps.com is worth $1m but many news sites are covering the story.

I just want to know if you had a $1 million dollars to invest online in a domain name what would you buy?

Now I know some people would say loans.com or insurance.com – We all know these domains are worth a lot more than $1 million.

So lets put it in another context then – What domain do you think is worth $1 million dollars that you would personally invest if you had the spare cash?

What would you do with it?

Would you purchase a great GEO? NN.com or LL.com – Strong One Word Generic?

Domain Advisors has Assurance.com listed for $1m do you think this is a name you would buy for $1m?

Here are a few domains that were sold for $1m over the past few years – Would you pay $1m to own any of these?

PersonalLoans.com, DomainName.com, Dudu.com, Poker.org, Webcam.com* ($1,020,000)


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  1. NameSpeculatr | 29/08/2012 at 03:30 | Reply

    Assurance.com is worth it!!

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