What has happend to iReit.com?

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I havent heard much about iReit.com recently and was wondering if anyone else has?

iReit.com for those that don’t know, iReit were founded in 2004 and hold a large portfolio of domains at one time drawing in 50 million visitors per month to there 400,000 domains.

They were operated by CEO Bob Martin, President Marc Ostrofsky and Chairman Stuart Rabin – They had major investors from JFI (Jacobson Family Investments), Maveron (the investment firm held by Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz and his partner Dan Levitan) and Perot Investments – I don’t know if these companies still have any holdings with iReit – You can read all about three above and more details about their back ground in the DN Journal Cover Story back in 2006.

iReit also operate their own domain marketplace which was called – DomainMarketplace.com which we tried to visit today via the link on their website and ireit.com and it appears to be online and running well but has let is SSL certificate lapse.

There has been various articles from other bloggers over the years but I havent heard anything about iReit in a while and I was just wondering if anyone knows whats going on with them?

Articles that I last read about iReit…

IREIT/NameJet Proves Domains Are Liquid Assets by TheDomains.com back in Feb 2009

Dear IREIT, Is Anybody Home? Does Anyone Work There Any More? by ElliotsBlog.com back in Aug 10

Afternic is Now Exclusive Domain Broker for iREIT Domains by Afternic.com back in Nov 11

I havent heard anything since these articles – Has anyone else?

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