What is your Domain Name Investment Strategy?

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The domaining industry is one of the most open communities online where we share often what we have just bought, what we just sold etc which is amazing as many industries never share this type of information.

However as domain name investors we often don’t talk about our strategies, Rick Schwartz who produced one of the best blogs (RicksBlog.com) of all time in the domaining industry had a 20 year plan.

Do you have one?  I would love to hear from everyone what is their Domain Name Strategy?

Mine personally is to continue investing in domain names for the next 3 – 5 years, building out a revenue producing affiliate network then sell out within the next 8 years.

I don’t expect to become a millionaire via domain names as much as I would like to, I need some grounding to realise this isn’t going to happen, ask me nearly 10 years ago when I started investing in domains it would have been a very different answer but I do hope to walk away with six figures and be mortgage and debt free by the time I am 40 years. I am 32 just now.

I feel it’s a realistic strategy but it could change, I am looking at starting an MBA within the next 12 months which shall take 3 – 4 years to complete this will continue to help myself in my corporate day job and I hope my domain investment strategy doesn’t change during this time but who knows what the future really holds for any of us.

Leave a comment and share your domain name investment Strategy – Share your Strategy!

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