What price will AsianCorrespondent.com sell for?

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The domain name AsianCorrespondent.com has expired and is currently in an expired domains auction over at GoDaddy.com, The domain still has 7 days to run and bidding has reached $21,100 at the time of writing.

If you visit the domain name AsianCorrespondent.com it redirects you to the website TechHQ.com, according to Wikipedia Asian Correspondent was an active website since launched in October 2009 with the below context.

Asian Correspondent is an English language news website launched in October 2009 by Hybrid (media company) that combines articles by professional journalists, bloggers and news wire content in one website. Asian Correspondent is the online partner for the Associated Press in Asia and provides breaking news, opinion pieces, and analysis for the Asia-Pacific region.

They have a Twitter account @ASCorrespondent that hasn’t tweeted since the 30th of December 2019, prior to this date the Twitter account was active with 72,600 Followers, with all the article links again now being redirected to TechHQ.com, They also had a large following on Facebook the page Facebook.com/AsianCorrespondent has 223,579 Likes but again hasn’t posted any content since 30th of December 2019.

We can, however, see an email address associated with the Facebook page for a nice one word .Co domain name Hybrid.co which they paid $12,000 USD to acquire from Mike Mann back via his DomainMarket.com domain sales platform back on 25th of June 2017, if you visit Hybrid.co, you can see a number of brands listed studyinternational.com, u2b.com, techwireasia.comtechhq.com, there is zero mention of AsianCorrespondent.com so maybe they are choosing to let it drop?

Visit the About Us page on Hybrid.co, this is the only mention I can see of AsianCorrespondent.com but even if you shut it down why lose that link juice from your prior posts and social media accounts?

If you visit Crunchbase we can learn that Asian Correspondent was/is part of HybridNewsGroup.com which currently the domain name doesn’t resolve however is still registered to James Craven the founder, TechHQ.com according to whois records is owned by Hybrid News ltd, so everything does link up but looks like they must have chosen to shut down the site at the end of 2019 and redirect the domain name possibly what is very interesting though TechHQ.com is due to expire tomorrow on the 8th of July 2020 will they realise then that both domain names have expired and attempt to regain control of AsianCorrespondent.com, Tech HQ is still putting out live daily content with the last post on their Twitter account only 6 hours ago.

What do you think shall happen to the domain names AsianCorrespondent.com & TechHQ.com? – You can view there last published corporate accounts of Hybrid News Limited from 2018 which were published in Feb 2019, where we can see the director James Craven received dividend payments to himself for £428,724 GBP the equivalent to $537,5814 USD in today’s market so he can surely afford to pay the $10 to renew the domain names.

Will AsianCorrespondent.com sell?

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