What’s The Best way to set up your domain website?

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Today: Can registrars “lock” you until the next renewal? / Software for email marketing? / WashingtoCounty-GA.com Sold for $4,850; Cunna.com for $4,050 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today:

bitcoinapp.xyz – Any thoughts about value on this one? Or, is this a Trademark issue?

For newbies or those with a sale or two – Some interesting tips for dain investors just starting out. Do you agree or disagree with them?

4/d/c/o/m/p.com – What’s this one worth?

Can registrars “lock” you until the next renewal? – Interesting question. Can they actually do that? if so, do all of them do that or just a select few?

Software for email marketing? – Anyone have suggestions for the best and most cost effective?

WashingtoCounty-GA.com Sold for $4,850; Cunna.com for $4,050… – Some recent domain sales reports to keep you motivated.

What’s The Best way to set up your domain website? – This is a question we all run into eventually. Even as a seasoned developer we are always looking for new ideas. This may be a good topic to revisit some ideas we have not yet utilized.

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