Why Buy A Generic Domain Name?

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Do you hear people talking about generic domain names and wonder why people and companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars to own generic domain names.

The simple answer is Brand Power, Marketing and something people do everyday organic type in traffic…

Every day websites like Cars.com, Loans.com, Money.com, News.com, Love.com, Porn.com, Sex.com, Help.com, Internet.com, Creditcards.com and thousands more are typed in directly to their web browser where they end up one of these sites or redirected to another.

Owning a generic domain name like any of the above lets people know exactly what they are getting – CNN bought Money.com so anyone looking for money news and information they get it from them and no one else – This lets them keep thousands of unique users everyday who are actually looking for information on money not just something similar – The same story for creditcards.com – If you are looking for a credit card where else would you? Type into google and you shall see lots of comparison sites but type creditcards.com and you are taken to one site that is dedicated to that niche of finding the best credit card deal on creditcards.com

This is a small list of companies that learned how valuable  type in organic web traffic is their business and purchased these domains.


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