World Accelerator adds Ten New Mentors to there business accelerator group

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World Accelerator adds Ten New Mentors to there business accelerator group

World Accelerator have added ten new mentors to their program to help entrepreneurs who are wanting to start real businesses on their domain names here are a few of the domains from the 1000 strong generic dot com portfolio the World Media Group own and are looking to develop.

Through their program already they have launched a number of successful businesses online from,,,,,,, and

If you are interested in working with the World Accelerator team to take one of their domain names and turn it into a real business or get involved to become a mentor then you should get in contact with the World Accelerator Team today.

Here is the full press release below.

World Accelerator adds ten new high-value mentors, making this domain-driven business accelerator group better prepared to offer even more depth and versatility in mentor expertise and support.

“World Accelerator works to ensure a good balance of skills with our group of mentors. We take a lot of criteria into consideration including leadership skills, prior experiences, vertical expertise and an interest in entrepreneurship and helping others,” said Gary Millin, CEO of World Accelerator.

“For companies accepted into our program we look to pair them with one or more mentors that we feel are best for their company. This is a very personalized matching process to coordinate the mentors’ expertise with the needs of the company they are helping.”

As the first-of-its-kind business accelerator, World Accelerator ( works to empower winning development teams from all over the world with the powerful benefits of a premium domain name. Essential to this concept are World Accelerator’s mentor team. World Accelerator proudly announces the addition of ten more business mentors. The new mentor team members are:

  •     Dr. Robert Daubner: Berlin, Germany. Dr. Daubner is a creative problem solver, big-picture thinker, team leader and innovator. Dr. Daubner is an experienced “hands-on” executive with a strong focus on media and mobile businesses.
  •     Peter Ryder: New York, NY. Mr. Ryder invests in new ventures and advises organizations on how to take advantage of new technologies in today’s digital economy. He has the experience and passion to help organizations improve operations in order to execute on their business models.
  •     Andrei Zimiles: New York, NY. Mr. Zimiles is a lifelong entrepreneur with a strong background in technology, design, healthcare, and building lean-growth companies. He began his career building websites for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, eventually transitioning to focus full-time on startup opportunities.
  •     Michael Kantor: Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Kantor has worked for, and helped found, several companies, participated successfully in the tremendous growth and evolution of the Internet. He has a passion for starting businesses, seeing businesses grow and working closely with and coaching other talented entrepreneurs.
  •     Philip Ferreira: San Francisco, CA. Mr. Ferreira is the founder of WebCorp, a development firm that focuses on building proprietary websites for its portfolio of domain names. Philip is an entrepreneur and developer, and has founded five startups since 1998.
  •     Erik Allebest: Orange County, CA. Mr. Allebest is a successful serial entrepreneur. Erik has been able to take that passion and convert it into the creation of several successful websites including,,,, and a few other ideas in development.
  •     Bob Rushby: Waterloo, Canada. Mr. Rushby is the founder of Accelerator Gazette and President, Pixelized Light Inc. He has extensive experience mentoring young entrepreneurs and is the Innovator-In-Residence for the University of Waterloo’s REAP student entrepreneurship program.
  •     Kul Singh: New York, NY. Mr. Singh is a serial entrepreneur with experience founding and building large scale, data-driven technology companies. Areas of focus include financial services, travel search, robotics / artificial intelligence, and mobile.
  •     Sloan Gaon: New York, NY. Mr. Gaon is the CEO of PulsePoint, a leading integrated, digital marketing company. Sloan has executive management expertise in global digital marketing, content and e-commerce. Prior to joining PulsePoint, Mr. Gaon served as CEO of Dotmenu, the leading online food e-commerce company, where he successfully navigated its acquisition by Grubhub.
  •     Steven Royster: Newark, NJ. Mr. Royster is a Senior Venture Officer in the Technology & Life Sciences Division of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA). Previously, at Alcatel-Lucent Ventures-Bell Labs, he evaluated and managed strategic equity investments in communications-related startups. He is also the founding organizer of Lean Startup Machine Newark.

For more information and details on each mentor’s successes, please visit our mentor page.

World Accelerator is adding new mentors to its network all the time to ensure its companies have access to the best possible expertise. These new mentor join an existing network of other talented mentors including Frank Graziano -New Jersey, Elad Yoran -New York, Shaun Abrahamson -Miami, and Andrew Ackerman -New York.

About World Accelerator
World Accelerator is the first ever Domain Accelerator and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop a business based on prime Internet real estate. World Accelerator offers capital and mentorship like a typical accelerator. In addition, with ownership of 1,000 tier one domains, World Accelerator is in a unique position to go a step further, providing access to highly recognizable and brandable domains and an engaged audience. Over the last ten years, the cost and time needed to bring exciting and disruptive businesses to market has dramatically compressed. However, building credibility with customers, partners and your brand still takes time. World Accelerator changes this paradigm, turning it upside down, as companies can now start with a powerful existing brand on day one. Led by founder and CEO Gary Millin, World Accelerator has refined its platform based on experiences and success launching businesses on a dozen domains over the last few years in conjunction with teams all over the world. These companies have seen an average of 45% per annum revenue expansion and, today, generate over 20 million visitors a month. World Accelerator is based in New York and is a global platform with affiliated companies headquartered in seven countries on 3 continents and mentors all over the world. Learn more about World Accelerator at

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