World Media Group launches World Accelerator

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World Media Group launches World Accelerator

World Media Group own one of the worlds best domain portfolios with over one thousand generic category killer domain names like,,,, and many more…

Huge Congratulations to Gerry and Gary on launching this new platform and I wish them the very best in the World Accelerator business, both are great guys that have been involved in the domain business for a very long time.

The full press release is below.

World Media Group has introduced into the ever-expanding accelerator marketplace, a first-of-its-kind accelerator that combines the inherent, powerful benefits of a premium domain name with winning development teams from all over the world.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

Business incubators and accelerators have captured the imaginations of entrepreneurs worldwide, and these institutions have given birth to some of the most transformative Internet and technology businesses today. World Media Group, a company that specializes in bringing recognizable domain names to life in meaningful ways for online consumers, has announced the launch of World Accelerator–a new business accelerator that utilizes a concept not yet seen in the burgeoning startup development marketplace.

In addition to offering traditional accelerator elements, such as seed capital and mentorship, World Accelerator offers teams the unique opportunity to build a thriving business on the foundation of a prominent and highly brandable domain name with access to a readily identifiable constituency of customers. Names such as,,,,,, are just a few examples of the brands available via the accelerator. In real estate, billions are paid for premium locations. Online, your location is your domain name and a premier address can make the difference in giving you the credibility you need to open doors, improve conversions, improve retention and accelerate your business.

Led by Gary Millin as CEO, an industry maven responsible for turning World Media Group’s development of premium domain names into growing businesses, World Accelerator’s innovation is in providing startup companies with a valuable brand around which to build their businesses as a crucial starting point.

“Over the last ten years, the cost and time needed to bring exciting and disruptive businesses to market has dramatically compressed. However building credibility with customers, partners and your brand still takes time,” said Millin. “World Accelerator changes this paradigm, turning it upside down as companies can now start with a powerful existing brand on day one. With this business accelerator model we can empower the right teams – those with sound business plans, leadership and poised for action – to successfully develop these fertile domains into lucrative businesses.”

Since 2007, World Media Group has successfully developed numerous domain names into businesses, proving the model which is the foundation of the new accelerator. Millin, in his work with World Media Group and in collaboration with top management teams around the world, has achieved success with domain names such as,,,,,,, and These, along with other World Media Group properties, have seen an average of 45% per annum revenue expansion and, today, generate over 20 million visitors a month.

Having outfitted his new business accelerator venture with a similar recipe for success, Millin is excited to start working now with even more top teams and entrepreneurs – stating that he has “extremely high hopes” for all of the businesses and people who will be seeking the services of World Accelerator – which is currently launching a beta site in order to generate interest and identify prospective participants for developing some of the most promising of its 1,000-plus internet domains.

“With our beta launch, World Accelerator will be seeking entrepreneurs and teams who have an interest and the capacity to develop these brands into successful sites. The criteria for acceptance into the program are pure and simple – a great idea that can leverage the brand, a solid leadership team, and an executable strategy,” said Millin. “Entrepreneur teams accepted into the World Accelerator program will have access to capital and mentoring, and of course a high visibility domain name – the key differentiator between World Accelerator’s services and those of other business accelerators.”

Millin has also drawn on his career, both as a venture capitalist and as a serial entrepreneur including founding and running a public company (, to ensure that World Accelerator has a terrific team of mentors right out of the gate. The accelerator is headquartered in New York City and already has mentors from across the US, Europe and Asia.

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