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Following yesterdays post on MalpracticeLawyer.co which was snapped up quickly (Even if they didn’t use any of our links) I have listed 4 x dot-org domain names that I came across, these were each owned for the past 20 years and dropped two days ago, owned by the same individual Juergen Lehmann from Germany and while they have now decided to drop them after I suspect around $800-$1000 in registrations fee, is there any value in these domain names to add to your portfolio?

Air Freight / Container Freight is at an all-time high due to the global pandemic with costs increasing significantly, could these domain names be sold to a business in this space? Yes, they are .org domain names but the dot coms are either listed for a significant value while parked and the one I like the most OceanFreight.org, the dot com is owned by another in the space.

If you decide to register, we greatly appreciate you visiting the links below or using our other partners – Dynadot, NameCheap & Epik where we earn a small commission on purchases.

AirfreightForwarder.org – The dot com is parked and for sale.

TransportSpecialist.org – The dot com is parked and for sale.

OceanFreight.org – The dot com is developed and owned by RCL Agencies, Inc.

OceanFreightForwarder.org  РThe dot com is parked and for sale.

Have you checked out the domain name auctions over at Dynadot? If not we highly recommend viewing some of the domains in both private and expired domain name auctions lists simply click here to see the latest domains in auction.

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