You wont make money Cybersquatting

An article I read today about a chinese man named Qian Jin he has registered several domain names related to Pinterest some are shown in this picture in the post…

He is now being pursed by pinterest for the domains and damages – The article goes on to suggest – Should pinterest have registered these domain before launch and ultimately the answer is YES they should have purchased there cctld, tlds in all of the available cctlds, tlds and then try to protect themself by purchasing typos of their domains but most companies don’t…

I titled the post you wont make money cybersquatting because these day companies like pinterest, google, microsoft and others don’t just come after you for the domains they want cash from you for damaging their brand redirecting their traffic to parking sites or other websites. Verizon did it and won millions of dollars from various companies a few years ago.

I am sure most domainers at some point has registered a domain they shouldn’t have and tried to sell it to Google or whoever for what they thought would be big bucks but end up getting a cease and deist letter or UDRP.

It isn’t worth the hassle trying to buy a brand name like google, pinterest, twitter or others will only get you in trouble – Avoid it all costs, Spend your registration fees on a domain you can flip for more cash in the future – This guy has probally spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars registering these names and now he will lose them all and much.

You can read more about the article here.



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