Robbie’s Blog is written by Robbie Ferguson, an Internet entrepreneur and domain name investor. Robbie has in-depth knowledge of domain names, Sales and Marketing Techniques and brings products to the market having launched and operated various website since 2006.

Robbie took a break from writing on his blog back in 2017 however has chosen again to start writing and covering topics of interest to him on RobbiesBlog.com

Robbie works full time in a senior sales role within a company based in the UK and has two children and operates RobbiesBlog.com as a part-time hobby he is very passionate about the topics he writes about and he wants his readers to get value from visiting RobbiesBlog.com

Should you wish to contact Robbie to learn more about him or to ask him a question about topics he has covered please do so by email robbiesblog.com’@’gmail.com

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