CCTLD’s still going strong with 1000+ GTLDS – Over 1 million domains registered

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ZA Central Registry (ZACR) reported on 19 August that over 1 Million .CO.ZA domain names are registered, Some are celebrating there 20 Year Anniversary… Domains such as,,,,,, and

The first ever .CO.ZA domain name registered was, registered on 25 June 1992, followed by the domain name, which was registered on 13 July 1992. It was followed by, which was registered the following day.

Do you own any .CO.ZA domain names?

One person we should not forget about who was a massive CCTLD Investor and owned a great portfolio of .CO.ZA domain names was Gavin Durni – RIP Gavin who sadly passed away too soon in May 2014. You can read about Gavin on DNJ & DomainGang post. Gavin Sold for $350K one of the highest reported .Co.Za domain sales.

Read the article below.

The number of Web domain names has surpassed the one million mark for the first time.

This is according to the ZA Central Registry (ZACR), which manages the,,, domains as well as the recently launched city top-level domains of .capetown, .joburg and .durban.

The ZACR made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday.

Also, the ZACR website said on Wednesday that there are now over 1 000 050 domains active.

However, it has taken more than 20 years for to hit the one million mark.

According to a list of the early registrations on the website, the domain zone was created on 4 June 1992, while the first website to be added was on 25 June 1992.

The second website to be added to the domain zone was

Subsequently, the ZACR came to manage the domain in 1995.

The ZACR has also been in a bid to manage the impending .africa. But the allocation of this name by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been held back amid a complaint by DotConnectAfrica Trust that its competing application for the domain name was not treated fairly.

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