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Today:   Best way to sell a .com to a company using the .net version? / .TRAVEL re-launch – dot Travel discussion / My first domain sale! / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

It’s Official .. Domainers Are Crazy – Are you that crazy of a domain investor too? – What kind of value do you think this domain has?

Merged Reality Domain Showcase – Care to share your thoughts about this niche market?

.TRAVEL re-launch – dot Travel discussion – Anyone else heavily invested in this new gTLD?

My first domain sale! – Nice to see people flipping some assets.

Best way to sell a .com to a company using the .net version? – Is there a special technique you use in this type of situation?

Email sales template examples – Do you use a standard email template over and over or do you create a custom email every time?

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