Ever thought about writing a blog?

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It’s been a little over two months since we started writing again on Robbies Blog and I can honestly say, I have enjoyed really get back to connecting with the readers.

I’m not going to pretend content and quality is king in the blog space and while some might not feel all my posts are quality ie the daily lists or available to register domains etc, these all take time to pull together.

I have been working hard to bring more quality pieces to the blog and we have our first new interview that shall be going online later today so watch this space.

I have been approached by a couple of readers interested in writing for the blog (unpaid). However, I haven’t found anyone that has come through with their offer/commitment to write any articles.

Why don’t I pay anyone for writing? You might ask well it’s simple this blog doesn’t make any profit in its current state, yes I have affiliate links that earn a little but really not a lot or enough to pay anyone to write posts.

I still plan to write between 2 to 4 pieces most days excluding weekends where I might only get one or two posts out but I would really love to find others in the domain industry who want to write there own blog but don’t want to commit to the time of writing it daily, paying for hosting, setup of the WordPress platform etc.

So what can I offer you writing on Robbies Blog?

A platform to speak directly to domain name investors primarily but also end-users who visit Robbie’s blog. A chance to get known more in the industry your Bio will feature in the author box, earn your own affiliate revenue if you write a post any links within that post can contain your own affiliate links to earn commissions. Flexibility – You can write daily, weekly, monthly it really is up to you all we ask is the commitment of at least one post per month.

How much time does it take to create a post, well it will vary on the subject and how in-depth you wish to be on the topic, I find most 300-500 word posts take me around 1 hour to write and do any related research, but I would allow 2 hours as you will probably want to make revisions if you haven’t written before.

So if you are interested in writing for Robbies Blog then why not take that first step, reach out to me and let’s talk about you coming on board to write and it doesn’t need to be just domains…

Email me today, Let’s chat and work together.

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