SuperBowl Sunday Completed, lets see what the NFL Owns…

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Morning Everyone I am not a huge NFL fan… Not that I don’t want to be but the sport isn’t huge here in the UK, it is growing slowly and maybe this is the year for me to get myself a team to support but who should it be?

Congrats to all the Buccaneer fans and I hope the headaches from the indulgences yesterday aren’t too bad…

I decided to review the domain names owned by the NFL and there are a lot… 8,296 domain names in the current NFL domain name portfolio according to our domain name partner you should check out their services…

Check out the list of 8000+ Domain Names here – Domain Names Owned by NFL

Yes, they do own which is great but really for 12 years they have continued to register and own  Is that really a domain they should continue to pay $8 or more per year Have a great day and enjoy searching…



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