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I know the headline got you here… Anytime you mention Rick Schwartz in a post, the traffic goes crazy… While the below might not be what you are expecting it is true, Here is an update on the sale of from Rick Schwartz aka The Domain King from his Twitter thread.

User @Javok, tweeted @DomainKing and asked “Any updates on the deal? Seems quiet… @DomainKing”

Noting that Rick previously announced on Twitter the upcoming sale of which shall see him return a minimum of $36,000,000 USD for his 13.5% Stake in the deal – Amazing result for the Domain King where you can read more about him and his domain name sales on or

Well in classic Rick Schwartz style here is his answer… Replying to @javok “All I know is so far is I am getting paid

$4.99.COM Domains! Cheapest GoDaddy Domain Deal!

Rick Schwartz sells

Did you miss yesterday’s post? Do you have a Moral Compass?

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