The final summary of ALL the Buyouts! (NamePros Daily)

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Today: [Buying] NNN.TV LLL.TV NNNN.TV / What happened to numerics? / Sold for $25,000; for $4,100 / And more.

Here are the new threads that caught my eye: & – Any value in these hyphens?

Domaining Blog & Articles Sites you are Visiting most! – Do you have a checklist? Sold for $25,000; for $4,100… – Some recent sales reports.

What happened to numerics? – Thoughts?

Have you made any recent hyphen sales – Anyone flipping these?

NNN.TV LLL.TV NNNN.TV – Check your portfolio to see if you have one of these.

The final summary of ALL the Buyouts! – Always great to have research data to see what the high demand areas are.

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