16 x End User Sales Tops $38,920 USD

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16 x Domain Name Sales from BuyDomains.com, have been acquired by Perfect Plants inc, Postform Ltd, Defying Diabetes LLC, Waterman Hurst LLC, Sunstone Education Technology Private Limited, Indi Design Pvt Ltd,  AUGMONT GOLDTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, The Woodlands UMC, Global Atlantic Financial Company, ALLEA GLOBAL PROPERTIES LTD, Southeast Publications, COLOR creative, RevoKind Inc, DataChef Pty Ltd, Alcone Ventures LLC, CIRRUS SOFT LTD – The grand total of domain name sales reached $38,920 USD

My favorite pick from the domain name acquired below was SmarterLegal.com for $2,888 USD, I think that’s a great price for this two-word dot com domain name, what’s your favorite?

Domain Names Registrant Sales Price
consistencycounts.com Perfect Plants inc. 1088
canadacountertops.com Postform Ltd. 1088
defyingdiabetes.com Defying Diabetes, LLC 1100
ecoabode.com Waterman Hurst LLC 1688
educationthatworks.com Sunstone Education Technology Private Limited 2288
experiencetechnologies.com Indi Design Pvt Ltd 1488
growresource.com The Woodlands UMC 1088
infinitytransport.com Global Atlantic Financial Company 3888
moreapartments.com ALLEA GLOBAL PROPERTIES LTD 3688
rvpeople.com Southeast Publications 2588
shrimpcake.com COLOR creative 1088
revos.net RevoKind Inc. 1788
smarterlegal.com DataChef Pty Ltd 2888
snowfall.net Alcone Ventures LLC 4688
ultimateg.com CIRRUS SOFT LTD 3888

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