167 Million US Consumers Shopped Online in 2012 Great News For Domainers

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167 Million US Consumers Shopped Online in 2012 Great News For Domainers

In 2012 167 Million US consumers shopped online by 2016 this figure shall reach 192 million US online consumers… As this infographic shows Internet spending and online consumers are only going to get larger and while this is great news for us domainers who own killer domain names we shall only see our portfolio of domain names rise in value every year.

While many domainers turn into developers there are somethings you must know, You can’t just have a great looking site you need to have a quick site! According to the stats below if Amazon.com the worlds largest online store had to reduce its page load speed by 1 second this would cost their business 1.6 Billion Dollars of Lost Sales! Scary number… So don’t just build a cool looking site make sure you have the backup too have a fast site.

I haven’t been blogging much in the past week as I have just closed a domain sale for $,$$$ – It wasn’t me selling it was me buying, I am making an investment into an area where I have made some money during the past year and now launching my own retail website. All going well it should be live the next month.

I am having the site developed and logo design done at present with stock due to arrive shortly.

I shall try to be on the blog as frequently as I can but some posts might be a little slower than before but I’m not going anywhere folks I will certainly be here for a long time and I am glad to say that everything I have learned in the past 7 years domaining is actually helping me launch a fully blown business… Well here hoping anyway.

I will let you all know more in February once the site is live and hopefully business shall be going well too…

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