18 Year Old MFit.com closes this weekend – Are you bidding?

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The domain name MFit.com closes in 3 days and bidding for this 18 year old dot com domain name has already hit $3.5K, GoDaddy Values the domain name at $17K+ but do you think this 4L.com domain name is going to sell for close to that price?

Checking out Archive.org we can see up until it expired earlier this year the domain name MFit.com was a developed website with blog posts on fitness which ties in extremely well with”Mfit” but what could you do with this domain name?

Would you try and flip it to a personal trainer that initially starts with M or could it be used for a product potentially the MFit Watch, MFit App, MFit Tracker, MFit Gym etc… I do see some different possibilities with the domain name but I don’t see myself dropping the estimated value.

Why not track and check out the sale of MFit.com this weekend, Click here to watch it and see where it closes in a few days’ time.

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