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How was your weekend? Mine was great, it was nice to see some sunshine and spend some great time with family at the beach and a nice BBQ on the old Weber.

Here are 20 x Recent End User Sales, for a total of $48,660 USD, these sales were to the following companies ACG systems Inc, The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc,  Gnxcor Inc, Nippon thinking Limited, Vapor Ministries, ROOMSTOGO.COM INC, 220 Marketing Group, Import Export Tire, GoodAir Inc, Hackerette, Retreat Works Inc, Menitiz LLC, GOODYS BASKET, PPL Services Corp, Outdoor Supply Inc, SJC Construction, TEM AGENCY DANI,  Exploritech Inc & Church Street Baptist Church.

What’s your favorite domain name from the list mine is EventReplay.com for $3,088 USD, which has some great streaming opportunities, shall be interesting to see what 220 Marketing does with this domain name.

Domain Name Sold Registrant Sales Price USD Stage Country
acgsystems.com ACG systems Inc. 4,888 Maryland UNITED STATES
bymi.org The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. 1,888 New York UNITED STATES
bymi.net The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. 2,588 New York UNITED STATES
careclean.com Gnxcor Inc. 4,088 Ontario CANADA
celmia.com Nippon thinking Limited 1,488 HONG KONG
empoweringthepoor.com Vapor Ministries 1,588 Alabama UNITED STATES
deliveryteam.com ROOMSTOGO.COM, INC. 4,888 FL UNITED STATES
eventreplay.com 220 Marketing Group 3,088 Utah UNITED STATES
exporttire.com Import Export Tire 1,788 Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
goodinterventions.com GoodAir Inc. 1,188 Arizona UNITED STATES
freedomfrequency.com www.hackerette.com 1,188 California UNITED STATES
holidayworks.com Retreat Works Inc 4,388 Texas UNITED STATES
loce.org Menitiz LLC 1,288 Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
rhodeislandenergy.com PPL Services Corp. 1,188 PA UNITED STATES
rivertube.com Outdoor Supply Inc 1,588 California UNITED STATES
sjcconstruction.com SJC Construction 2,288 NA UNITED STATES
temucin.com TEM AGENCY DANI\u015eMANLIK VE T\u0130CARET LTD. \u015eT\u0130. 1,588 \u0130stanbul TURKEY
vineroom.com Exploritech, Inc. 2,288 Florida UNITED STATES
unspeakablejoy.com Church Street Baptist Church 2,288 NC UNITED STATES
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