25 years old LLL.com Domain Name hit with WIPO

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EE International Electronics & Engineering S.A. has raised a WIPO case number D2020-1707 for the LLL 3 Character dot com domain name, IEE.com

What is interesting here though, this is not a domain name investor that holds the domain name IEE.com, instead, its another organisation named Imaging and Equipment Engineering hence the three-letter acronym of the domain name IEE.com.

We see many cases raised against domain name investors and also against illegitimate squatters and fraudsters but this isn’t the case in this WIPO case of EE International Electronics & Engineering S.A. VS Imaging and Equipment Engineering.

I wonder why EE International Electronics & Engineering S.A. believe this domain name case can be won via WIPO?

Doing a quick Google search the company “EE International Electronics & Engineering S.A.” doesn’t show any relevant links, however, if you change the search term to “IEE International Electronics & Engineering S.A.” adding the “I” then you can see an organisation named, IEE S.A. who operates on the domain name IEE.LU & IEE-Sensing.com, they also own the non-hyphen version IEESensing.com

Looking back at the historical records held on archive.org below we can see that Imaging and Equipment Engineering has owned the domain name since its original registration way back in 1995 – So after 25 Years of being owned by the same organisation why does EE International Electronics & Engineering S.A. believe that they should be entitled to the domain name via WIPO?

I hope the owners of Imaging and Equipment Engineering hire a good domain name lawyer to protect there digital domain asset IEE.com – What do you think will be the outcome of the WIPO case – I can see Reverse Domain Name Hijacking being the possible outcome of this WIPO case.

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