New Owners of announced as Arab Capital Group Spends $20,000 USD

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The domain name was sold on GoDaddy on Sunday the 17th of May 2020 for $20,000 USD – The new owners have been revealed in the press release below where the Arab Capital Group announces is acquisition however does not mention the costs specifically.

The domain name was previously owned by Atlas Capital FX who use the domain name, According to Archive history the domain  was registered first back in 1999 then dropped and 2001 before being registered again in 2004, It’s great to see a company realise the value of domain name and while they believe $20,000 USD is a significant value which we might not agree with in terms of domain name values it shows companies are willing to pay to get the domain assets they now need for there growing businesses.

Here is a screengrab from the old owner’s site still promoting the ACFX domain name.

What do you think of the sale?

The original Story was linked here.

Recently, a major event in the domain name circle has occurred in Arab Capital Group: it has invested heavily in the acquisition of the fine domain name, which has not yet been activated.

The Arab Capital Group (ACG) is mainly engaged in domestic and foreign energy resources, commercial trade, and equity investment. There are 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 10 holding subsidiaries. Its core business is distributed to multiple industries: finance, oil, natural gas, real estate, Arab Capital Group’s early investment was mainly concentrated in the Middle East, and now gradually expanded and transferred to Europe, Asia and North America today.

The domain was previously held by a financial company. The Arab Capital Group has invested heavily in the acquisition of this domain, which indicates that Arab Capital Group will make greater efforts to expand its financial business, and will be executed by some mature companies or Operation.

This time, Arab Capital Group intends to seize the opportunity in the global opening of the financial market. As the first group of financial market capital groups, it will acquire more stock equity and decision-making power, they will control more in product creation, marketing development, business mode and management skills, etc. Arab Capital Group will find a new development direction on the occasion of the financial turmoil, enrich financial products, improve the efficiency of financial services, and achieve a win-win situation.

According to Arafat Metcy, the executive director of Arab Capital Group, “The development of the world is inseparable from the contribution of the financial stock market. It is still very attractive for the financial market as an investment group like us. is a key to our expansion of global financial cooperation. In the future, we will conduct comprehensive cooperation with financial companies from various aspects, and we will continue to focus on the brand value and competitiveness in the financial market, and become an enterprise with such characteristics of growth potential.”

All along, we have firmly optimistic about the development prospects of the financial market and strive to expand related business areas. Thus, Arab Capital Group has actively applied for the necessary qualifications for business development and accumulated business performance, and has done a lot of work in expanding financial markets. Specifically speaking, there is broad space for development in the fields of securities, stocks, foreign exchange and asset management. Arab Capital Group will continue to promote the integrated financial holding business model of trust, securities and asset management, and discuss diversified business development models.

The acquisition of the domain by Arab Capital Group not only signals the expansion of the financial market, but also wants to expand its business scope and expand its business scope by acquiring domain names.

According to the official website of Arab Capital Group: The Group will increase the exploration of the financial market, use financial technology innovation, and further serve the diversified financial integration business model.

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