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The top reported domain name sale yesterday was while technically two generic keyword terms “Amazon” & “Cannabis” – I am not sure I would have spent $25,000 USD on this acquisition without some sound legal advice.

The buyer hasn’t been revealed as of yet, so it might have been themself but I highly doubt as the legal team at Amazon Technologies Inc are no strangers to filing WIPO cases to protect their brands, we know of at least 30+ WIPO cases they have taken against domain name registrants.

Amazon does sell cannabis accessories but I just don’t see them putting $25,000 USD into this domain name personally, do you?

It’s a great piece of business by the seller and congrats to them on the sale, has been registered since 10th of March 2014 and I really do hope it is Amazon themselves who have acquired it from them but I do worry if it’s not that the new owner of took a big risk of $25K.

What do you think, Did Amazon acquire it, would you have taken this five-figure risk?

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