Are random 4L .com really worth investing renewals?

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As I like to share often threads that catch my eye over at NamePros and here is another one posted earlier today and has a real mix of commentary, surrounding aka domain names which could be anything from through to the more random I believe this OP is talking about ie.

So what are your thoughts? Do you invest in domain names and would you share your comments with the thread owner over at

Check it out here and leave your thoughts on investing in random domain names. domains

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2 Comments on "Are random 4L .com really worth investing renewals?"

  1. People are wasting their time on buying random, enduser demand is non existent and as the post suggests they haven’t even kept up with renewal fees paid. That has been the case for a long as I can remember, domainers have wasted tens of millions of dollars on these names.

  2. You only need one to payoff ! They are undervalued !!! 4 letter .com even with random letters
    can still be very useful. They are scarce and one day theu will really pick up. A 4 letter .com can be turned into a brand just like that think… 4 letters are easy for the mind. You still need the website even or can become memorable brands if you put a great site together on it. It also gives you a means to connect to the entire world for peanuts. Probably the most undervalued digital asset I can think of.

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