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I have never been a big one in the First Name, Last Name Dot Com registration and flipping space but I know some domain name investors are and do well, registering these domain names for under $10 and often flipping them for anywhere between $50 – $500…

HugeDomains.com the industry behemoth owns hundreds, possibly thousands through their extensive portfolio with most priced in the low four figures.

I am not sure what are the exact metrics used to registering these domains as they drop but they must have some reason or wouldn’t continue so.

I wanted to pull together a quick list to show some that are available to register and how many contacts, I came across on LinkedIn that you could flip them too, possibly…

If you do decide to register the domain names, using the links below pays me a tiny commission and is greatly appreciated for the rewards of writing these posts.

Thanks in advance for any orders placed.

Domain Name LinkedIn Searches
RobertGunning.com 232
RussellMcdonnell.com 299
PaxtonHerald.com 108
ElisabethCord.com 137
AnneGreenfield.com 997
MaryElizabethCarter.com 236
KimberleyCarter.com 1900
AngeloEaton.com 136
JohnKidWell.com 189
TonySwinney.com 25
AlexandraGardner.com 1200
SarahsCallan.com 173
RichardRomanus.com 8
JanetLeeBrooks.com 32
JeffersonMorgan.com 7900
JinxMorgan.com 18
PhilWilton.com 238
JaneHibbard.com 130
BranKelly.com 8200
BillyChampion.com 4500
LindaVester.com 35
YvetteCole.com 86
RichardMarino.com 1100
AndreasWertheim.com 58
GlenDonovan.com 279







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