Buy Domains – Registrations & Expired Drops – 1st & 2nd of October 2020

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This week has been manic at work, lots going on the blog has been slightly neglected with yesterday as an example where we didn’t get any content out to our loyal readers, – Today we have continued with our new series on Domain Names Registered by following on from the post on Wednesday.

This list actually just inspired my to register two new domain names – Some of you might not know but here in the UK we banned plastic straws / stirrers, a lot of stores have been using paper straws for the past 12 – 18 months and being honest a lot of people don’t like them, they often disintegrate before you finish you drink and in general they suck! More and more people I am seeing now are bringing their own straws one because they don’t like the paper straws plus covid is making them think more about what they put up to their lips.

Seeing the domain name added from buy domains for (US Spelling), has just led me to register (UK Spelling) both are hand registrations and acquired at Dynadot and will be developed sites in the next few weeks either with affiliate revenue from Amazon or I will start to drop ship using my eBay model from the past which earned me well on my previous affiliate sites.

1st of October 2020

Domains added / modified: 35
Domains dropped: 58
2nd of October 2020
Domains added / modified: 20
Domains dropped: 3

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