Buy It Now – Aged Expired .NET domain with matching TLDs Taken.

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GoDaddy Expired Close Out Auctions – Happy Monday, I hope you are all well? I have been out for a 5K run already this morning and starting the week as I mean to go ahead in a positive way!

Today we have a small selection of 15 Expired .NET domain names, that are aged between 22 & 15 Years old, all with multiple registrations in other TLDs, CCTLDs, GTLDs and also a few that have sold before at GoDaddy Auction plus a couple of comparable sales.

We hope you see something on the list below, They all end today and these aren’t in Auction, They are BUY IT NOW Domain names, own any of these for under $20 some as low as $10, click through to see the current Buy It Now prices. -1998 Registration (Registered in 40 other Extensions) – 1999 Registration (Sold previously for $1,499) – 2000 Registration (Sold previously for $199) – 2000 Registration (Plural sold previously for $2,499) – 2000 Registration (Registered in 16 other Extentsions) – 2001 Registration (Registered in 11 other Extentsions) – 2001 Registration ( previously sold for $619) – 2002 Registration (Registered in 26 other Extentsions) – 2002 Registration (USAGolf.Org previously sold for $1,500) – 2002 Registration ( Registered in 33 other Extentsions) – 2002 Registration (Registered in 27 other Extentsions) – 2003 Registration ( previously sold for $288) – 2003 Registration (Registered in 15 other Extentsions) – 2003 Registration (Registered in 28 other Extentsions) – 2005 Registration (Registred in 37 other Extentsions)

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