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Clubhouse announced yesterday that they have released on the Play store their Beta Android app, after over a year of being exclusively available to Apple IOS users, it is beginning the rollout to android.

Click here to download it to your Android Device.

At the present time, it has only been launched to US users of the Play store, with plans announcing stating that it will then roll out to other English speaking countries then the rest of the world, according to this snap from Tech Crunch “The voice-based social network launched its beta Android app on Play Store for users in the U.S. on Sunday and said it will gradually make the new app available in other English-speaking countries and then the rest of the world.”

So what does this mean for the domain name industry, well as many of you know there are a few domain auction reseller platforms on Clubhouse at present – RapidFireDomaining, Domamba, TheDomainingClub & NameShoppers there could be others but these are the main auction houses that I am aware of Clubhouse.

While you are only going to get reseller/liquidation value on most of your domain names via these auction houses with most sales between $$ – $$$ on average, however, some domain names do sell for $,$$$ for more.

Myself personally, I have sold over 250+ Domain Names across these platforms in the past few months, Could I have gotten more for the names, 100% yes if I wanted to spend the time outbound them but heck I am making a nice profit and I am happy to see the domains go onto other investors who then have the potential to flip, sell or build these domains.

Ok but what does Android have to do with anything well while Apple is great and has fantastic products, I am an apple advocate writing this post on my iMac, with my iPhone, iPad, and Airpods next to me and wearing my iWatch however, Android has so many more devices in the market and thus will give us an opportunity to now let all domain name investors access Clubhouse be it now with Apple IOS or Android users as they roll out countries around the globe, we all know the Chinese and Indian markets are huge opportunities as they continue to grow economically (Covid Aside)

I think that’s great news, it will increase our inventory pull with more domain investors able to list domains but also open the market up to more buyers even if they are other domain name investors…

Right now you still need an invite to get into Clubhouse be it on Apple or Android, so if you are in the USA and an Android user and want to get in on the auction action then let me know and I will send you an invite (I have limited numbers)…

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