Consumer Data is big business & just expired
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The domain name has expired after 24 years, and it is hitting the auction block at GoDaddy. The auction runs for another 8 days and early bidding has the domain name at just $128 USD, however, GoDaddy has placed a value on the domain at $13K USD.

I think this domain name could be worth a lot more to the right end-user, Consumer aka Customer Data is big business, this is how Google and Facebook basically make their money using your data to target adverts specific to you… Heck, it’s happening right now on this blog post… We have Google Adsense targeting adverts suited to you…

What price do you think the domain will close at in 8 days’ time, will you place a bid? Why not follow the auction by clicking here.

It appears the domain name has been owned by Cadogan Group in the UK, based in Leeds since its original date, and checking the companies house registrar the parent group Cadogan Information Limited, trading under company number 02797428 has entered voluntary liquidation and thus as the business is no longer trading has allowed this killer domain name to now be put for grabs by the auction houses.

It appears this domain should be one that will sell and shouldn’t be pulled and renewed which happens often on expired domains, however, based on the liquidation status I expect this domain auction to close for at least five figures don’t you? Liquidation


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