Corey D. Silverstein launches Adult.Law – What do you think of .LAW GTLD?

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Adult industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein today announced the launch of Adult.Law, describing it as a “groundbreaking new subscription service to legal resources for adult entertainers (that) offers 24/7 access to legal expertise with no retainer fee.”

In his announcement, Silverstein said he launched Adult.Law “as a way to meet the needs of a rising population of small business owners and workers that need affordable access to qualified legal experts now more than ever.”

“In the past few years, due to a variety of shifts in legislation, regulation, and technology, the adult entertainment industry has seen a massive evolution where tens of thousands of entertainers have gone into business for themselves and become masters of their own paths,” Silverstein said. “I have learned that nearly every adult entertainer has substantial legal needs and questions that vary tremendously: from content production contracts and liability to criminal defence, and even simple business setup and maintenance. Adult entertainers have long been looking for a cost-effective solution to the unique challenges they face when doing business, and I believe we have finally created it.”

According to the announcement, the subscription service offers “24/7 access to comprehensive legal resources, expertise, and information specific to the adult entertainment industry, with no retainer fee and packages starting at under one hundred dollars per month.” Subscribers to the service “gain unlimited access to a mobile legal library of videos, articles and blog posts filled with information created and curated specifically for adult entertainers, as well as deeply discounted rates on additional paralegal and litigation services, as needed.”

Premium Adult.Law subscribers also receive “monthly individualized one-on-one legal consulting time with an experienced attorney from Silverstein Legal.” Subscribers can upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscription anytime, and “unlike most legal services, there’s no hefty retainer to pay upfront,” the announcement states.

“During the past 15 years I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know this truly special group of entrepreneurs, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience fighting for the freedom of expression alongside some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met,” Silverstein said. “I truly hope that Adult.Law makes life easier, and legal services more accessible for these incredible entertainers and small business owners.”

“I wanted this product to truly reflect the needs of adult industry performers, so I sought out the assistance of legendary journalist, actress, and sex workers’ rights activist Siousxie Q, who hosts Adult.Law’s educational videos and will be a brand ambassador for Adult.Law on an ongoing basis,” Silverstein added.

Siouxsie Q, who has held leadership positions with the industry’s trade association, performer advocacy groups, and most recently the ACLU of Southern California said “the investment of retaining a lawyer is often out of reach for the communities that need it most.”

“Even the most successful adult industry performers have trouble shelling out ten grand just to get a lawyer’s opinion on something,” Siouxsie Q added. “It’s crucial for this new generation of adult industry entrepreneurs and entertainers, many of whom may have entered the industry while stuck at home during COVID-19, to have the legal resources they need to avoid costly mistakes and continue thriving for as long as their content will be on the internet. Unfortunately, the stigma that comes with a career in the adult industry can be lifelong, so having the right team of legal experts standing by needs to be an essential part of every adult entertainer’s business. Adult.Law is the affordable solution our community has needed for a long time.”

For more information visit Adult.Law.

What do you think of this GTLD?

The .LAW GTLD has just under 13,000 domain names registered at the time of writing this post, Have you seen any Attorneys or Lawyers using the .LAW GTLDs?

I would suggest registering for a service like instead of paying $$$ to own a .LAW GTLD.

You must be a Qualified Lawyer or an Authorized Legal Institution (i.e., law firms, law schools, Legal Regulators such as bar associations and courts of law) to register a .LAW domain.

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