Does Whois Lookups affect your pricing of domains?

Whois XML Api

A question raised on Name Pros by NY Jimbo surrounds the number of Whois Lookups i.e. how many people are searching whois information of the domain name you own, now firstly it could be a bot, it doesn’t always mean an actual human has checked the whois record and secondly, depending on the domain name you own it could be a legal matter or public curiosity i.e. if you owned, The Google legal team might be checking the whois records to see who owns it but also tracking it while others in the public might just want to know who owns this domain name with zero intentions of ever buying it.

I don’t personally use it as a strategy for pricing my domain names but do you? I am not sure every registrar provides this information to you but I do know my domain names over at Epik give me this information.

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