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Hello – So we are trying this new video channel feature, I honestly don’t know if it shall stay or go… It really depends on the readers of Robbies Blog, I am not a YouTube pro, this is our first video and already I can see a mistake that I have made but hey… the next one will hopefully be better!

Please let me know what you think of the video, Good Idea, Bad Idea? Does it Suck or do you think its worthwhile? We aren’t going to just do the domain name auctions but thought it was a way to start and get some feedback from the reader or viewers we should say of Robbies Blog If you can subscribe the YouTube channel that would be appreciated and let’s see where this new journey takes us…

Thanks as always to all of you, who click on the links and support the blog… Trust me I am not getting rich out of this blog but I love domaining and I hope you enjoy the content we are delivering.

GoDaddy Aged Domain Names in Auction with Bids – 24 Years Old  – 23 Years Old – 23 Years Old – 23 Years Old – 26 Years Old

GoDaddy Domain Names in Auction with Zero Bids – 5 Years Old – 13 Years Old – 8 Years Old – 21 Years Old – 9 Years Old

DynaDot Domain Names in Auction – 17 Years Old – 17 Years Old (Spanish for Private) – 17 Years Old

YouTube Channel – Like and Subscribe to Robbies Blog Here Is Our First Video

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  1. Great info and how to! Im new to domaining and appreciate the insight!! Cheers

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