NBC Universal Registers One Domain but leaves another available

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Happy Friday! It’s nearly the weekend and TGIF.com “Thank God It’s Friday” domain name owned by The Castello Brothers… I wonder how much traffic spikes there every Friday? Do you think TGI Fridays should pony up and buy this domain name acronym too? I do…

Anyway back to the domain names recently registered by NBC Universal and Microsoft Inc, NBC registered the domain name GrandpaBalls.com, however, left the non-plural available… I am not sure what they plan for this domain name? Having a quick Google nothing really appears for the term but if you want to grab GrandpaBall.com you can today for registration fee… using any of these links below which will pay us a tiny commission – Helps keep the servers on at Robbies Blog!

Epik.com GoDaddy.com NameSilo.com Dynadot.com NameCheap.com

Microsoft Inc, registered 14 new domain names recently, with 4 relating to the worlds number one software Microsoft Office – They have created some play on words using the Office term, what do you think of these registrations?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and remember and stay safe – Read more domain name registration posts here.

NBC Universal Recently Registered Domain Names

grandpaballs.com (The non Plural was available to register at the time of writing)

Microsoft Inc, Recently Registered Domain Names












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  1. Grandpa balls come in pairs last time I remember.

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