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Lego the world-famous plastic brick manufacturer from Denmark protects its trademark from counterfeiters but also domain name investors who might think they can earn a quick buck by registering Lego Trademark domain names.

I mean who doesn’t love Lego… Maybe not when standing on a piece in the dark in the middle of the night but apart from those instances, Lego is a great toy and I would say certainly helps children in their development, I started buying used Lego for my kids, I didn’t realize there was a huge aftermarket for Lego pieces but with sets that can cost from $20 – $200, you quickly understand there is money in those little plastic pieces – This is where I normally find the best deals on Lego.

The Lego company this year alone has 35 cases brought via WIPO for 46 domain names and viewing this table below you can see they are winning a very large proportion of cases.

The most recent win for Lego was on the 26th of October 2020 but we can there are even more pending WIPO cases which I shall expect will be won by Lego.

Case No Domain Name Decision Decision Date
D2020-2616 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-2472,, and 3 others… CASE ACTIVE
D2020-2457, CASE ACTIVE
D2020-2380, CASE ACTIVE
D2020-2355 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-2350 TRANSFER Oct. 26, 2020
D2020-1773 TRANSFER Aug. 26, 2020
D2020-1771 TRANSFER Sept. 4, 2020
D2020-1752 TRANSFER Aug. 26, 2020
D2020-1711 TRANSFER Sept. 7, 2020
D2020-1710, TERMINATED
D2020-1706 TRANSFER Aug. 24, 2020
D2020-1696 TRANSFER Aug. 31, 2020
D2020-1695 TRANSFER Sept. 19, 2020
D2020-1694 TRANSFER Sept. 8, 2020
D2020-1395,, TRANSFER Aug. 10, 2020
D2020-1369 TRANSFER July 28, 2020
D2020-1351 TRANSFER Aug. 3, 2020
D2020-0933 TRANSFER June 19, 2020
D2020-0914 TRANSFER July 1, 2020
D2020-0895 TRANSFER July 6, 2020
D2020-0874 TRANSFER May 22, 2020
D2020-0823 TRANSFER June 15, 2020
D2020-0822 TRANSFER May 20, 2020
D2020-0813 TRANSFER May 14, 2020
D2020-0675, TRANSFER May 11, 2020
D2020-0640 TRANSFER June 29, 2020
DUA2020-0001 TRANSFER April 2, 2020
D2019-3093,, TRANSFER March 3, 2020
D2019-2940,, TRANSFER Jan. 27, 2020
D2019-2894 TRANSFER Jan. 15, 2020
D2019-2853 TRANSFER Jan. 3, 2020
D2019-2834 TRANSFER Jan. 15, 2020
D2019-2601, TRANSFER Dec. 12, 2019
D2019-2478 לגו.net,, and 6 others… TRANSFER Dec. 13, 2019
D2019-2385, TRANSFER Nov. 20, 2019
D2019-2267,, and 20 others… TRANSFER Nov. 23, 2019
D2019-2264,, TRANSFER Nov. 10, 2019
D2019-2263,, TRANSFER Nov. 4, 2019
D2019-2262 TRANSFER Oct. 28, 2019
D2019-2254 TRANSFER Nov. 12, 2019

The Lego company already has a portfolio of over 3000+ domain names that they own either via registration through brand protection or domain names that they have won via WIPO / Domain Resolution Services.


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