First Name, Last Name Domain Names – Do you Register / Acquire them?

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You may have read my recent post on the WIPO case of, while this domain name might relate to a famous tennis professional tennis player possibly, There are hundreds if not thousands of First Name, Last Name Domain Names that drop every day or end up in auction, some domain names are naturally been bought by domain name investors and held for a number of years then possibly dropped, others have been owned by individuals who simply might have forgotten that they owed the domain name or never updated whois details/credit card details and the domain name has been dropped.

I have seen a few people talking about First Name, Last Name dot com specifically recently and having some success in flipping these for a nice ROI, if you can hand register these type of First Name Last Name domain names and spend anywhere from $4.99 to $10 to acquire – Fantastic.

If you manage to flip the First Name Last Name via outbound or ideally inbound for anything above $250 you are probably a happy domain name investor, do this once per week you could be clearing $10,000 USD per year…

Now, look I am not saying it’s easy and every sale will result upwards of $250, some might even for $99 USD others could be $2,500 USD… I think what you need to do is have a clear plan and strategy on pricing, what works for you, volume at lower prices or hold and hope for smaller sales at a larger price?

Not every First Name, Last Name domain name you register will sell, you could be dropping 50% of them in 12 months time, of course, you can always list them on services like Name Liquidate that might allow you to cover your registration fee possibly if it sells for $9 or more…

So will you consider registering the First Name, Last Name domain names, do you see it as a risk like the WIPO case we spoke about at the start of this article or do you think there are bigger rewards to gain by registering and listing them for sale? What’s the sweet spot for reselling First Name Last Name Dot com Domains?

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