Google algorithm change for Exact Match Domains

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Google algorithm change for Exact Match Domains, Matt Cutts announced a few days ago that Google has changed its algorithm to affect low quality websites with exact match domains.

He has stated that this is unrelated to the Google Penguin and Google Panda algorithm changes that took place this year He says a “small change” has been made to Google’s algorithm which affects sites written in English, with the change to affect 0.6% of requests.

Matt Cutts states the sites that will be affected are those that use Exact Match Domain which are deemed to be of low quality. The quality aspects haven’t been touched upon, but he is referring to poor content hosted by the site.

We all know that over the past 12 – 18 months domainers who were investing in exact match domains and throwing up a minisite hoping to earn cash from Adsense has died, The market isn’t there you need to go into development now on a larger scale.

You can buy loads of these exact match domains everyday on sites like and from the forums & but why are so many people trying to offload them if they are a turnkey money earner?

Exact Match Domains are still in my eyes an area where you can develop revenue streams but you need to think bigger than minisite, I know several domainers who have registered hundreds and in some cases thousands of exact match domains and now they are letting them all drop as they don’t have the time to develop all of these domains, Once they were names earning hundreds of dollars per months on some occasions from each minisite but these days are over for making easy money with exact match domains.

There still are opportunities to earn money with exact match domains but you need to think big, Minisites aren’t cutting it no more, You need to build a website that will be loved by Google an exact match domain can still help you rank high in Google but you need to build a site that has more than a few pages, You don’t need to be an expert in that field but it does help.

Find a topic that you can relate to or at least be willing to learn about and then spend an hour per day writing one post, If you don’t have time to write your own posts then hire writers, sites such as you can advertise for english speaking writers or native speaking if you are wanting to have site in French, German, Italian etc and interview them first before you hire them, Make them write an article on the topic and have it checked with copyscape to ensure they aren’t duplicating someone elses content.

  • What are your thoughts on Exact Match Domains?
  • Are Exact Match Domains Dead?
  • Are you building out or selling your Exact Match Domains?

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