Got a cease and desist for a landing page

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Happy New Year, I hope you all had a great new year and I wish all of my readers a prosperous 2021.

I was reviewing some recent popular posts on NamePros and have come across this thread names Got a cease and desist for a landing page.

The thread has some great commentary around this domain name and while their does appear to be a TM on the term, should the registrant just hand it over?

I personally would ask for a nominal fee to cover costs, it’s better to gain a small profit than spend thousands defending a name like this that has little resale value imo but what do you think?

Head on over to the thread on NamePros and provide your thoughts to Rayman617.

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  1. Simply, COMBINATION of generic terms can leads to a trademarkable name. It’s not the same case of using a single generic word

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