How to Identify Premium Domains / if there was no ICANN (NamePros Daily)

Today:  Buying LLLL.COM Chips / Showcase Your HoverBoard and FlyBoard Domains / Sold for $57,306; for $40,001 / And more.

Here are the new threads that caught my eye:

WhoIs privacy for .ca and domains? – Any advice? – What’s this one worth?

Do top company end users actually care about or know the importance of domain names? – Thoughts?

Buying LLLL.COM Chips – Check your portfolio for one of these. Sold for $57,306; for $40,001… – Some recent reported domain sales.

Showcase Your HoverBoard and FlyBoard Domains. – Anyone following these markets?

if there was no ICANN – Hypothetical discussion.

How to Identify Premium Domains – Is this a niche you’re interested in?

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