Is Parking Worth It?

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Domain Name Parking used to be a big dollar business for the domain name community, back in the days you could earn a ton in parking revenue from your domain names even with minimal traffic the earnings were good as ppc revenue share used to be strong.

However over the past 7-8 years it’s declined significantly and many portfolio holders have either exited the space or switched to For Sale Landers instead.

A question was asked on this thread over at NamePros – Is parking worth it?

The poll shows most think in 2021, Domain Name Parking isn’t it worth it and below are my thoughts.

My answer is it depends on your domain names, if you have a nice strong generic domain name ie as an example you can park it and still have a for sale tab or bar on it, allowing your to monetise your domain name assets while still showing its actively available for purchase, however if you own a name that is more risky ie Infringement on a Trademark, I wouldn’t risk it.

Ultimately most domain name investors, would love to park there names, earn enough PPC to cover there renewals and then sell a few domains to make some profit but if you are thinking of buying domains to just earn a living from Parking then, I would advise against in my own opinion unless you have deep pockets and a very large portfolio.

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  1. Your visitors should contact me. It is totally worth it.

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